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Nadapriya’s Online Offerings


All of my self-hosted Zoom classes are booked via my Ribbon scheduler, and are available for download for three days following each class. If you’d like to download a class recording, please contact me directly.

Zoom classes offered in concert with established yoga studios are priced individually, and are booked via each studio’s own booking system.

Sending love & healthy blessings,

Charlie xxx

How It Works

Some of my classes are hosted in collaboration with studios, and for these classes, bookings must be made through the respective studio’s own booking system.

All of my self-hosted classes (classes not affiliated with a studio) are booked through Ribbon. Payments for these classes are also taken through Ribbon, however if you’d prefer to pay via direct bank transfer, please reach out to me directly, and I’ll issue you with a code to enable you to book classes through Bookwhen without being charged again.

Once you’ve booked a class through Ribbon, you’ll receive a confirmation email with details of your booking – along with the Zoom link, meeting ID, and password for the class.

Tips for Using Zoom

A few things regarding the schedule and running of events:

• It would be great to make sure you have anything you can use as yoga blocks/bricks (books are great substitutes) cushions, blankets, yoga belts (scarf/dressing gown belt).

• I’m aware some of you may be with family, so as much as possible, to minimise disruptions, give them your time schedule and ask them not to be downloading internet content or movies etc which can effect your connection and flow within the class.

• Turn off your devices (except the one you are streaming the session from).

• Plug in the device you are streaming from (Zoom is a battery drainer).

• Keep water nearby.

• Keep tissues nearby.

• Please make me aware of any injuries /conditions ahead of time.

Come as you are and do what you can – please do take account of your own limitations and don’t push your body beyond its limits.

• Everyone put on ‘Speaker View’, so that you get the best possible view of me in full-screen.

• It’s best for you to be on mute after we do our initial hellos.

To make sure that everyone can get into the class, please login to each session 10 mins prior to starting (you can then go and make yourself a cuppa). I will activate the waiting room and you’ll be able to wait in there until the class begins.

I am asking everyone to login 10 minutes early, so that any of you have time to email me/text me if you are having trouble.

Please be aware, as I am operating this alone, I will not be able to help you after the sessions start.

Pricing for Online Classes

Pricing for classes affiliated with studios are set individually by the studios themselves.

My self-hosted online classes (classes not affiliated with a studio) are priced between £7.50 and £10 (depending on the length of the class). Various packs and passes for these classes are also available from as little as £25 (see below).

Individual classes : 60 min and 75 minute classes will be £7.50 each and 90 minute classes will be £10.

Weekly pass : £25 for all 5 classes (reducing the price to £5 a class)

5 class pack : £32.50 (valid for 60 days, reducing the price to £6.50 per class)

10 class pack : £60 (valid for 90 days reducing the price to £6 per class)

Please note : Workshops, special events, in-person classes etc are not included with online class packs and passes. Online class packs and passes are intended only for my self-hosted online classes, booked via my Ribbon scheduler (see below).

Terms & Conditions

1. Please let me know by email of any injuries, illnesses, mental health concerns, pregnancy stages etc, before the start of your class, if you have not attended that particular class before. It’s important that we assess whether or not the class is suitable for you.

2. Participants are responsible for their own safety, and opting out of some exercises may be advised. Use common sense, and don’t attempt to move beyond the limits of your own body.

3. Please test your software and connection before booking the class. We cannot take up class time by offering technical or setup advice at the time-expense of other students.

Online Class Schedule

If you’re a key worker, or if you’ve lost your job due to the current crisis (and aren’t being reimbursed by the government’s Job Retention Scheme), please contact me directly by email, and I will give you entry to my self-hosted sessions free of charge (or for a lower donation if you still wish to have an exchange of energy).

Please note: Occasionally, the Sunday class time will shift to accommodate for teaching workshops. Accurate class times for specific dates are always updated on the Ribbon class links.


12.30pm – 1.30pm : Lunchtime Flow (from August 9th)

Please visit my Ribbon scheduler to book your place.

• • •

8pm – 9.15pm : Bedtime Yin & Sound Bath

Please visit my Ribbon scheduler to book your place.


4pm – 5.15pm : Yin Yoga

Please visit Triyoga to book your place.

• • •

6.30pm – 7:45pm : Yin Yoga

Please visit Triyoga to book your place.

• • •

8pm – 9pm : Yoga & Gong

Please visit Triyoga to book your place.


There are currently no online classes taking place on Wednesdays.


7:30am – 8:30am : Morning Movement Ritual

Please visit my Ribbon scheduler to book your place.

• • •

7:30pm – 9pm : Yin Yoga

Please visit Indaba Yoga, Marylebone to book your place.


10:15am – 11:30am : Yoga Flow

Please visit Everyone Active, Acton to book your place.

• • •

1pm – 2pm : Flow & Restore

Please visit Triyoga, Ealing to book your place.

• • •

7:30pm – 8:30pm : Yoga & Gong

Please visit Triyoga Ealing to book your place.


9:30am – 10:45am : Morning Movement Ritual

Please visit my Ribbon scheduler to book your place.

• • •

12.30pm – 1.45pm : Yoga Open

Please visit Triyoga to book your place.

• • •

2.15pm – 3.30pm : Yin Yoga

Please visit Triyoga to book your place.

• • •

6pm – 7pm : Mantras, Mudras & Movement

Please visit The Life Centre to book your place.

• • •

7.15pm – 8.30pm : Yin Yoga

Please visit Triyoga to book your place.


6pm – 7:30pm : Long Yin Yoga

Please visit my Ribbon scheduler to book your place.

Online Events Schedule

“I joined Charlie’s Yoga class on Fridays in Acton a little over a year ago. I came in fear and trepidation at first as I had never done yoga before (apart from at home with a DVD which I don’t recommend!).

Charlie has a quite brilliant yoga-for-all approach. Very encouraging. Very reassuring. As a person of faith, I like that there is a spiritual feel to the class, but this too is inclusive of everyone. I now try not to miss. The class really helps my well-being. Charlie’s Yin class on Tuesdays at Triyoga Ealing is also fab and deeply relaxing. I try to make that too when I can.”

- Nick Jones

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Hatha-Flow Yoga for the Body, Mind and Soul with Mantra, Pranayama and Sound Bath/Meditation

We chant, we move, we breathe, and we chill.


Immerse yourself for an afternoon of integral hatha – flow yoga practices to restore your energy, balance your mood, enhance your creativity and boost motivation.


Studio 6

Everyone Active

Acton Centre (2nd Floor)

High Street


West London

W3 6NE


Within each workshop we will focus on Nada Yoga – chanting, the physical practices of Asana (postures) and Pranayama (breath work) for 90 – 100 minutes: my aim is to help you to develop your yoga practice and to delve deeper into the experience of yoga by looking at aspects including:


• the importance of breath – are you breathing properly?

• alignment (energetically and physically)

• development of mental presence in the postures

• chakra and energy awareness

• unlocking blocked energy and increasing the flow of prana (vital energy)

• opening the heart/correcting posture

We will end the sessions with a 50 minute sound bath, a great way to end your weekend and leave you feeling rested, restored and ready for Monday!


Who is it for?

These workshops are perfect for anyone who is fairly new to the practice of yoga OR for those who want to expand their knowledge and experience of a basic asana practice (postures) and anyone who wants to experience the wonderfully restorative effects of yoga nidra (yoga sleep) and nada yoga (sacred sound).


What do I need to know?

Wear comfortable clothing that you can move freely. Even in summer, it is advisable to bring a blanket or shawl, socks and sweater for the relaxation part of the class – when you go into a deep relaxation the body losses heat.

Mats, blocks and straps are all provided at the venue.


What is a Sound Bath?

You can either sit in meditation or lie in sarvasana (corpse pose) to experience the sound bath. Have no expectations and let the sounds created by the tibetan bowls & sansula wash over you and transport you into a deep, relaxing and healing meditation. The sounds penetrate through the body and will touch you on a cellular level. Come with an open mind and an open heart.


Investment & Booking

Each workshop is £30 when booked in advance or £35 on the day (bank transfer/cheque/cash).

Spaces are limited to 16 participants, early booking is needed to reserve your mat.


Special Offer

2 workshops for £55*

3 workshops for £80*

4 workshops for £105*

5 workshops for for £125*

* per person, if booked and paid in advance as a single payment.



If you make a booking and are no longer able to attend – you may transfer the funds to another workshop if notified 24 hours before the scheduled date/time.

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