Music Therapy

Happiness is not getting what you want, but wanting what you already have.

Discovering I had a passion and an innate musical ability, I began playing the piano when I was about 8 years old. Music was a great way for me to harness my creative mind and express the emotions that were bigger than me during my childhood and adolescence. I came to learn to play the cornet in a local Brass Band shortly after starting the piano. I suppose that is when I developed a good set of lungs and really learnt about working with the breath and the power behind the breath.

Expanding my knowledge and experience of music learning various instruments, composing, playing the Trumpet in Symphony Orchestras, Pit bands, Jazz Bands, Baroque Ensembles & Brass Bands, I went on to study Music Performance and Composition at Leeds University and graduated with a Bachelor of Music (Hons).

Following my undergrad at Leeds, I achieved a Masters in Music Therapy at Roehampton University.

Since completing my MA, I have been working on contracts with a PMLD school for group & individual sessions for years 7-11 in addition to being a consultant clinician creative therapist working with Barnardos as part of their short term intervention for children at risk.

My clinical work has been strongly influenced by Jungian analysis, Rogers and the Humanistic approach, however my work as a yoga teacher and energy healer has also led me to Perret’s approach of combining the chakras, five elements and related neuro-musical thresholds which does not draw on Jungian theory nor does he make any links to Jung within his work.

Perret ‘There is nothing esoteric to this: nuclear physics teach us, that we are matter and energy at the same time. We are physical and at the same time we do have energy fields in and around us. Just like in the physics of nuclear particles, the phenomena of energy in and around a human being are linked to concrete observations. The effects are very practical and useful as we see them linking up with the way we think, our emotions, feelings and body reactions. We are used to thinking that we can only hear with our ears, yet we can discover that we actually feel sounds at work in and around us.’

“Amazing experience! Charlie is a most talented musician and magician. She took me on a mystical adventure into the depths of my cells and all the way to outer space. Absolutely mind blowing yet super relaxing and recharging. Can’t wait for the next one!”

- Alva E Malka

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Hatha-Flow Yoga for the Body, Mind and Soul with Mantra, Pranayama and Sound Bath/Meditation

We chant, we move, we breathe, and we chill.


Immerse yourself for an afternoon of integral hatha – flow yoga practices to restore your energy, balance your mood, enhance your creativity and boost motivation.


Studio 6

Everyone Active

Acton Centre (2nd Floor)

High Street


West London

W3 6NE


Within each workshop we will focus on Nada Yoga – chanting, the physical practices of Asana (postures) and Pranayama (breath work) for 90 – 100 minutes: my aim is to help you to develop your yoga practice and to delve deeper into the experience of yoga by looking at aspects including:


• the importance of breath – are you breathing properly?

• alignment (energetically and physically)

• development of mental presence in the postures

• chakra and energy awareness

• unlocking blocked energy and increasing the flow of prana (vital energy)

• opening the heart/correcting posture

We will end the sessions with a 50 minute sound bath, a great way to end your weekend and leave you feeling rested, restored and ready for Monday!


Who is it for?

These workshops are perfect for anyone who is fairly new to the practice of yoga OR for those who want to expand their knowledge and experience of a basic asana practice (postures) and anyone who wants to experience the wonderfully restorative effects of yoga nidra (yoga sleep) and nada yoga (sacred sound).


What do I need to know?

Wear comfortable clothing that you can move freely. Even in summer, it is advisable to bring a blanket or shawl, socks and sweater for the relaxation part of the class – when you go into a deep relaxation the body losses heat.

Mats, blocks and straps are all provided at the venue.


What is a Sound Bath?

You can either sit in meditation or lie in sarvasana (corpse pose) to experience the sound bath. Have no expectations and let the sounds created by the tibetan bowls & sansula wash over you and transport you into a deep, relaxing and healing meditation. The sounds penetrate through the body and will touch you on a cellular level. Come with an open mind and an open heart.


Investment & Booking

Each workshop is £30 when booked in advance or £35 on the day (bank transfer/cheque/cash).

Spaces are limited to 16 participants, early booking is needed to reserve your mat.


Special Offer

2 workshops for £55*

3 workshops for £80*

4 workshops for £105*

5 workshops for for £125*

* per person, if booked and paid in advance as a single payment.



If you make a booking and are no longer able to attend – you may transfer the funds to another workshop if notified 24 hours before the scheduled date/time.

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