About Charlie

Harmony is a combination of imperfection and perfection – that’s how we know it’s real.

I began teaching in 2011 after a decade of self practice, initially training & teaching within the tradition of Sivananda yoga. Since then my style has evolved into a slow, creative hatha & breath-based flow practice, with a focus on alignment and joints. I am passionate about delivering yoga for all, with an inclusive approach to making yoga accessible for everyBODY. In my popular monthly workshop I offer a unique combination of integral practices in which we chant, we breathe, we move and then we relax deeply with a sound bath.

I have received extensive training in Yin and Restorative Yoga under the guidance of Norman Blair, Judith Lasater, Sarah Powers, and Bernie Clark, and have completed a number of other trainings in Kirtan, Teen Yoga, Childrens Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Pranayama and Kundalini Yoga (as taught by Yogi Bhajan). I am especially interested in tantra, and spend a lot of time studying the philosophy and practices with Christopher Hareesh Wallis.

I am also an experienced and qualified crystal and sound therapist, and have a varied background teaching adults, children working within mental health and special needs with a number of disciplines. Before yoga, I trained as a musician and taught instrumentally for many years. I am also a qualified Music Therapist with an MA in music therapy, and I run regular gong baths across London’s top studios.

As a musician and a student of Energy Medicine, Healing and Yoga, I have developed a deep understanding of how all of these practices (Healing, Yoga, and Music) are interwoven and compliment one another, as everything is ultimately about vibration they come together to combat dissonance felt in the body, heart & mind to transcend into harmony and bring back the balance of the heart-mind.

Why Nadapriya?

On completion of the Sivananda Yoga Teacher Training I was initiated as a teacher and given the spiritual name Nadapriya (Beloved of the Spiritual Sound that fills the Cosmos/creator of the divine sound) and I have chosen this as the name of my yoga, healing and therapy practice as it encompasses every aspect of my work/dharma.


BMus University of Leeds (Bachelor of Music in trumpet performance and composition)

MA Master of Arts (music psychotherapy) University of Roehampton

Initial yoga teacher training 200 hour Sivananda yoga Vedanta (Vrindavan, India)

Crystal Healing Diploma (ACHO certified) 2 year course, Valerie Pitts School of Crystal Healing

Reiki level I & II Michael Kaufmann Clinic

Gong Master Training, Aidan McIntyre & Don Conreaux, 10 day intensive

Advanced Gong Master training, Aidan McIntyre

Soul rescue sacred healers shamanic healing with Terry & Natalia O’Sullivan

Further yoga training

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga foundation 30 hours & advanced 60 hours training with Norman Blair

Yin & Insight Yoga Level II, Sarah Powers, Triyoga, 30 hours

Yin Yoga training 50 hours with Bernie Clark, Vancouver

Judith Hanson Lasater

Relax and Renew Restorative Yoga teacher training, 30 hours, Yoga Campus

Experiential Anatomy yoga campus, 30 hours

Pranayama intensive yoga campus 30 hours training

Other Trainings

KYTA Kundalini level 1, Karam Kriya, as taught by Yogi Bhajan 200 hour training

Kirtan leader training, Nikki Slade 200 hour

Children’s yoga teacher training special Yoga centre, Jo Manuel

Teen yoga teacher training, Teen Yoga, Charlotta Martinus

Empowering The Heart: The Abode Of Sacred Joy, Healing And Power

Para Yoga: Rod Stryker 30 hours

Oasis of Sound Immersion with Anne Malone @ OasisofSound.com



Charge & the Energy body, online course with Anodea Judith 10 CPD credits

Chakras Illuminated, Online Course with Christopher Hareesh Wallis 10 CPD credits

Plus continued study with Hareesh attending lectures in London, India & online study.

Acknowledgments of my learning

My journey is an ever evolving and ever changing landscape of practices and teachers

I have undertaken a lot of trainings since beginning on this path of healing myself which formally began in 2007.

I have been part of 1 day courses, immersions, 2/3/4/5 day trainings and some 1/2/3 year courses, diplomas & degrees

Everything comes from somewhere , we can think we are being original and I also recognise that things can come from even watching a YouTube video, that’s how mirror neurons work. I have been studying the Healing arts in different forms for a significant amount of time and as a result I have evolved, merged and developed some practices as part of me making sense of my life and the journey of life more generally.

As an eternal student with a love for learning, it is impossible to keep updating my website each time I complete a course/training. My desire is to continue to grow and develop as a human being, into my own true self and continuing to heal.

I would like to acknowledge teachers who have guided me and influenced me along the way in the way of honouring my path and theirs, this is by no means a complete list and I will endeavour to keep updating.

Lizzie Reaumont (Jivamukti)
Mark Kan (Dharma)
Kwali Kumara (Kundalini)
Siri Sadhana Kaur (Kundalini)
Sivaroshan (Kundalini)
Norman Blair (Yin)
Bernie Clark (Yin)
Sarah Powers (Yin)
Jo Phee (Yin)
Tara Judelle (somatic flow)
Sianna Sherman & Greta Hill (Rasa yoga)
Zephyr Wildman (yoga)
Tanja Mickwitz (yoga)
Judith Hanson Lasater (Restorative)
Adelene Cheong (Restorative)
Swami Krishna Devananda (Sivananda)

Masood Ali Khan (Kirtan)
Nikki Slade (Kirtan)
Tabla Tom (Kirtan)
Sheela Bringi & Brent Kuerker (Kirtan)

Stephen Jeffrey (Vocal Coaching)
Elizabeth Slade (Vocal Coaching)
Sarah Warwick (Vocal Coaching)
Sophie Sterckx (Vocal Coaching)

Shree Devi Bringi (Tantric philosophy)
Christopher Wallis (Tantric philosophy)

Aidan Mcintrye (Gong & Sound Mastery)
Don Conreaux (Gong & Sound Mastery)
Anne Malone (sound baths / @ OasisofSound.com)
All the teaching staff at Roehampton University teaching & lecturing on the Masters in Music Therapy

Kate Henley (Traditional Chinese Medicine and 5 element theory)
Valerie Pitts (Crystal Healing)
Natalia & Terry O’Sullivan (Soul Retrieval Healing)
Luna Silver & Kathy Jones (Goddess Temple Teachings)
Divine Harmony (Astrology)

Many people misunderstand, form assumptions or have misconceptions about yoga – this excerpt I read in Rod Stryker’s book, ‘The Four Desires’, I think, sums up what yoga truly is for those who are interested in discovering the truth and depths of yoga:
“When yoga is understood in its totality, it is not a religion; it is a practical and comprehensive science for realising life’s ultimate aims. The yoga tradition provides one of humankind’s most effective systems for achieving enrichment and happiness in every aspect of life.

In short, in the same way that the physical practice of yoga so effectively benefits your body and mind, the larger science of yoga is similarly powerful in unlocking the vast potentials of your body, mind, and spirit.”

“Charlie is an exceptional teacher. A natural. Always so prepared and her classes informative and yet so spiritually engaging with it.

Have been to numerous gong and yin classes and they are such a treat. A slice of Paradise amongst the background of a noisy and fast-paced London city. So look forward to going on one of her retreats which sound like brilliant value for money.”

- Nadia Ostacchini

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Hatha-Flow Yoga for the Body, Mind and Soul with Mantra, Pranayama and Sound Bath/Meditation

We chant, we move, we breathe, and we chill.


Immerse yourself for an afternoon of integral hatha – flow yoga practices to restore your energy, balance your mood, enhance your creativity and boost motivation.


Studio 6

Everyone Active

Acton Centre (2nd Floor)

High Street


West London

W3 6NE


Within each workshop we will focus on Nada Yoga – chanting, the physical practices of Asana (postures) and Pranayama (breath work) for 90 – 100 minutes: my aim is to help you to develop your yoga practice and to delve deeper into the experience of yoga by looking at aspects including:


• the importance of breath – are you breathing properly?

• alignment (energetically and physically)

• development of mental presence in the postures

• chakra and energy awareness

• unlocking blocked energy and increasing the flow of prana (vital energy)

• opening the heart/correcting posture

We will end the sessions with a 50 minute sound bath, a great way to end your weekend and leave you feeling rested, restored and ready for Monday!


Who is it for?

These workshops are perfect for anyone who is fairly new to the practice of yoga OR for those who want to expand their knowledge and experience of a basic asana practice (postures) and anyone who wants to experience the wonderfully restorative effects of yoga nidra (yoga sleep) and nada yoga (sacred sound).


What do I need to know?

Wear comfortable clothing that you can move freely. Even in summer, it is advisable to bring a blanket or shawl, socks and sweater for the relaxation part of the class – when you go into a deep relaxation the body losses heat.

Mats, blocks and straps are all provided at the venue.


What is a Sound Bath?

You can either sit in meditation or lie in sarvasana (corpse pose) to experience the sound bath. Have no expectations and let the sounds created by the tibetan bowls & sansula wash over you and transport you into a deep, relaxing and healing meditation. The sounds penetrate through the body and will touch you on a cellular level. Come with an open mind and an open heart.


Investment & Booking

Each workshop is £30 when booked in advance or £35 on the day (bank transfer/cheque/cash).

Spaces are limited to 16 participants, early booking is needed to reserve your mat.


Special Offer

2 workshops for £55*

3 workshops for £80*

4 workshops for £105*

5 workshops for for £125*

* per person, if booked and paid in advance as a single payment.



If you make a booking and are no longer able to attend – you may transfer the funds to another workshop if notified 24 hours before the scheduled date/time.

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